Advanced Ecology Ltd. (Established in 1994)

AE_logo Advanced Ecology Ltd. (AEL) creates value in natural environments through the permitting, execution, and management of ecological projects designed to offset negative impacts to natural ecosystems. By evaluating the land as a potential package of resources, AEL has been able to develop unique strategies that generate attractive risk-weighted returns to our variety of clients, while continuing to preserve and enhance ecological value

Bird Forestry (Established in 1979)

Since the 1970s Bird Forestry has provided high-quality, science-based forest management while achieving ecological and financial results tailored to individual land owner goals. The firm serves a diverse client list by providing a full range of professional forest management services supported by the latest GIS/GPS technology and database management systems.

TerraNative (Founded in 2011)

TN_logoTerraNative provides high-quality ecotypic appropriate native tree seedlings for restoration and other natural resource projects. The company focuses on propagating trees from the finest seeds collected from local sources in order to achieve the best outcomes and planting successes.

SilvaTech South (Established in 1989)

Silva-Tech/South, Ltd. is a professional vegetation management company with the capabilities to assist landowners in all aspects of afforestation, reforestation, ongoing vegetation management, as well as general property maintenance. Silva-Tech/South helps landowners maximize economic returns through sound silvicultural decisions and applications.

Mitigation Solutions USA (Established in 2008)

MSUSA_logoMitigation Solutions (MSUSA) uses their extensive knowledge of ecological regulations and mitigation processes to facilitate successful project development through the sale and transfer of environmental offsets. Longstanding relationships across the environmental industry keep their client’s projects moving forward on time and within budget.