172.7 Acres Nacogdoches County Texas



  • Price:$689,936
  • Type:Hunting Land, Recreational Property, Timberland
  • Address:County Road 841
  • Acres:173
  • County:Nacogdoches
  • City:Nacogdoches
  • Status:Sold
  • State:Texas
  • Zip:75961


This impressive legacy property from a family that has been in Nacogdoches County since the mid-1800s has a great mix of rich creek bottoms and uplands forested with pine plantations and native hardwoods. Two major perennial streams are the centerpiece of this land, with Little Loco Bayou flowing the length of the property north to south, and with Caney Bayou cutting across the southwest corner. The eastern boundary is along County Road 841 (Red Wilson Road) with an electric power line along the west side of the road. This property is located a fifteen-minute drive to supplies, shopping and health care in Nacogdoches, being west of town off of Highway 21.

For hunters and naturalists this is a remarkable woodland with a nice diversity of towering trees with an open understory that is easy to traverse on foot contrasted by areas of dense shrub habitat. There are good opportunities for hunting or just observing wildlife in the uncommonly tall and dense pine plantations and bottomland hardwoods along the creeks.

The creek bottom areas have outstanding unthinned pine plantation around 25 to 27 years old, with extraordinary heights in the high site index soils. A rough guesstimate of total pine volume in these good pine stands suggests a potential of four or more loads of pine timber per acre. Some of the pine trees growing in these deep, well-drained soils appear to possibly be powerline-pole quality. These plantations are definitely ready for a first thinning harvest and offer the prospect of near-term cash flow as well as future timber growth prospects. The bottomland Hannahatchee soils make up over half of the Property along Little Loco and Caney Bayous, with a small section of Tuscosso clay in the southwestern corner along Caney Bayou.

The uplands are the fine sandy loams in the Cuthbert, Alto, Sacul and Kirvin series. These are good, well-drained upland soils for growing both hardwood and pine. The planted pines are more scattered and in pockets in the uplands, with hardwoods and shrubs intermixed, affording a diverse wildlife habitat that is favorable for whitetail deer.

A previously-unknown easement not referenced in the Sellers 1972 deed is described in an adjacent-property deed as being located 900 feet north of the south boundary line of the 172.2 acre tract. The Aerial Photo Creek Easement map in the download document section shows the approximate location as described. Note that this is an illustration only, it is not guaranteed in any manner. The easement appears at this point to have not been developed or used based on aerial photographs and a lack of known evidence on the ground. The describing deed is also included in the download document section.

The internal woods road system starts at a gate near the center of the east boundary at the county road and leads to Little Loco Bayou. Currently there is not a stream crossing for vehicles, but the woods road system continues on the west side of the property. These roads need some cleaning out of deadfalls and underbrush where the small trees have taken root, but in general they appear in good shape. The need for the first thinning of the pine plantation offers a source of income for reestablishing a vehicular crossing on Little Loco if so desired. I was able to easily cross the creek and walk the property.

The forests on this property make up 96% of the land and have a wide assortment of species including loblolly pine, white oak, American beech, white ash, shortleaf pine, water oak, black oak, sweetgum, southern red oak, American elm, Florida maple, American holly, cherrybark red oak, shagbark hickory, blackgum, pawpaw, black walnut, southern red oak, black cherry, mulberry and hornbeam.

The timber asset is a combination of planted loblolly pine and native bottomland hardwood timber. The chart in the download documents is an estimate of the various acreages in several timber types. The Good Pine areas are primarily the bottomland pine plantation. The Pine Hardwood areas are on upland sites with a mix of planted and native pine and hardwood. The Hardwood areas include the bottomlands along the two streams. A small section of the land is in the county road with a small strip east of the road. The gas well site rounds out this table. These timber types are shown on the mapping on the Timber Type and Woods Road map.

The mapping is offered as a general guide as to the location and nature of the property, but no guarantee is made as to the exact location of boundaries or features, timber type or any acreage estimates.

This property of approximately 172.7 acres is offered at $3,995 per acre or $689,936.

The Sellers are retaining all owned oil & gas minerals.
No owner financing is available.
This property is currently under Ag/Timber Valuation. According to the Nacogdoches Appraisal District 2023 Tax records, the taxes are estimated at $405 with timber/ag exemptions, and at $10,273 without timber/ag exemptions. Buyers should be aware of roll-back provisions if land use is changed, or the new owner fails to apply and/or qualify for ag/timber exemption.
The current appraisal district mapping appears to be incorrect, as the deed description and in-field evidence shows the southeastern corner of the property to be east of the county road. The northeast corner is west of the county road. This is not a legal or recent survey-derived statement, but an observation of the on-the-ground evidence and interpretation of the deed calls and is not guaranteed.
Electric Power (believed to be Oncor) is present on the Property along the west side of CR 841.
No improvements, buildings, or deer blinds are included in the offering other than the existing gate on the woods road entrance.
Approximately 2,300 feet of frontage along CR 841 along its eastern boundary.
Most residents in the area are believed to be on septic systems.
Community water service area boundary is indicated about 500 feet to the south on CR 841 and is shown to be D & M Water Supply Corporation (936) 559-9900 PO Box 9, 111 Buck Alley, Douglass, TX 75943. The Lilly Grove Special Utility District boundary is indicated to be about a half mile north of the Property on CR 841. 7435 FM 1638 Nacogdoches, TX 75964, (936)-569-9292 See the Water Service Boundary map.
All of Nacogdoches County groundwater is subject to the rules of the Pineywoods Groundwater Conservation District. Information concerning water well drilling can be found at:
Douglass ISD School District.
The Soil Map shows the FEMA floodplain along Little Loco Bayou and Caney Bayou.
There is one known gas gathering pipeline on this Property running from the active well in the southeastern corner to the northwest corner, as shown on the mapping. It is believed to have been bored underneath the Little Loco stream and bottomland and does not show above-ground location.
There is one active gas well on the Property, and one permitted location approved in 2008, as shown on the mapping. No activity is evident at the permitted location.

To arrange site visits, please contact listing agent Mark Brian at 936-590-0986, or the TerraStone office at 936-590-4909. Buyers Agents are required to contact listing agent to arrange site visits and are required to accompany potential buyers at the time of the first visit. Failure to disclose as a Buyers Agent or lack of presence upon first site visit will result in co-broker compensation being at discretion of listing agent. A 2% co-broker fee is offered on this property. The listing agent is willing to accompany Buyers Agents as a guide if requested and given sufficient notice.

TerraStone Land Company strives to gather good information concerning listed properties from reliable sources, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of said data, including but not limited to boundary line locations, acreages, fence lines, tree ages, timber volumes, timber value, legal title, environmental hazards, condition of improvements, legal access, utility services, or site suitability for agricultural or forestry use. All maps are provided for illustrative purposes only and are not survey plats. Unless specifically stated, no formal land surveying by a licensed surveyor has been used in determining acreages. Aerial and ground photography may include neighboring properties that are not included in this offering, and such photography is intended for general use only. TLC recommends that potential buyers examine the offered property to their own satisfaction and are strongly urged to verify all pertinent facts for themselves. TLC is not responsible for errors, omissions, offering withdrawal or price modifications.


Property Map / Directions

From Nacogdoches on Highway 21, from the West Loop at Hwy 59 & Hwy 21 go west 8.5 miles on Hwy 21 to County Road 841 (sign for Turnip Seed Cemetery) then right (north) for 1.6 miles to the property on the left (west side of CR 841). The property is 1.8 miles south of FM 343 at the Salem Church turnoff, which is 4.7 miles south of Looneyville and FM 225, or 9.6 miles west of the West Loop Hwy 59 at Nacogdoches. From Douglass, CR 841 is 5 miles east on Hwy 21 on the left.

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